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Default Re: [Mass Effect] Fox News Is Shocked

Originally Posted by mezkal
You didn't watch the vid at first, yet you comment on this thread and you call me out on bringing something that doesn't relate to it? Way to go little black pot. As you said you hadn't even seen news item prior to making your first post.
You are one of the biggest idiots on this board. You flew off the handle and said things I didn't even say. I then pointed out that you had what I said wrong now you want to try and play it off because I didn't watch the video? You are an idiot.. to be redundant here. I even said after view the video it re-enforced my guess of what was said in the video and it made your point of view absolutely stupid.

To comment on a discussion without having any knowledge of the matter being discussed is the very definition of stupidity.
Hey dumbass, we have had this discussion many times here. I knew exactly what you guys were talking about. You on the other hand are too stupid to have a clue as to what I said. You are the reflexive gamer I was talking about and I was correct WITHOUT even seeing the video yet. LOL!

If you support the view that what they say is true that Mass Effect is some laviscous sexfest you truly are pathetic.
You are taking their over dramatization of the game and running on it like a child.
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