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Default Re: [Mass Effect] Fox News Is Shocked

Originally Posted by nVJoe
You are one of the biggest idiots on this board. You flew off the handle and said things I didn't even say. I then pointed out that you had what I said wrong now you want to try and play it off because I didn't watch the video? You are an idiot.. to be redundant here. I even said after view the video it re-enforced my guess of what was said in the video and it made your point of view absolutely stupid.
Stating a point of view about one of parties being discussed is not flying off the handle, calling people names for not agreeing with their opinion is.

Hey dumbass, we have had this discussion many times here. I knew exactly what you guys were talking about. You on the other hand are too stupid to have a clue as to what I said. You are the reflexive gamer I was talking about and I was correct WITHOUT even seeing the video yet. LOL!
Laugh it up all you want, it doesn't save you from being one-eyed or wrong. We have not had THIS discussion here 'many times'. THIS discussion regards a recent Fox News item where they blame MS and the game devs of Mass Effect for allowing sexual imagery to reach children and not the discussion that the overall view that violence and/or sexual imagery in video games is harmful. For someone to bring THAT discussion to light with regards to THIS one means that their (your) view is already coloured and their (your) mind is already primed with a response.

You weren't correct without seeing the article being discussed because: -

a. you hadn't seen it, so your opinion is flawed and out of context - the issue at hand was sexual imagery in Mass Effect reaches children and may harm them, not video game violence or sexual imagery in games being harmful in the general context (though FOX news would like you to center on that issue, regardless of the fact that they were discussing a specific game's sexual content)


b. The XBOX 360 has parental controls which makes the issue of kids seeing the sexual imagery and MS/ME game devs being responsible for showing it a moot point. The regulation of sexual imagery in a house is to be managed by the people who can legally purchase the products that hold such content - the adults of the house and if they do not manage this content even when given the ability to do so then they are irresponsible parents. MS and the ME devs are not being irresponsible in putting such sexual imagery into the game.

(funny how the FOX News 'journalists' - presenters really avoid that side of the discussion altogether, funny how you do to)

You are taking their over dramatization of the game and running on it like a child.
No. I was illustrating their sensationalist, irrational and factually incorrect views on the subject matter at hand and making you understand how idiotic a person would be to agree with them.
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Originally Posted by NVJoe
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