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Default Re: [Mass Effect] Fox News Is Shocked

Originally Posted by nVJoe
Who said anything about the government? All those people on that show were private citizens. The government has no business in this. It is up to us as a society to decide on these matter. Those people were debating the topic. Most here get pissed off if the topic is even debated. Look at mezkal or what ever his name is. He flew off the handle and started crying about Christians.

There is nothing wrong with having this discussion. It is healthy for a society to debate these issue. Why do you not want us to even discuss it?

Again, who said anything about the government? I am not for the government banning this. I am for private industry regulating its self.
i assumed (*gasp* the dirty word) that you meant that intervention should be taken. i was merely pointing out that government intervention in this case would be futile.

You say the only way to change this is to make it socially unpopular yet the moment they start talking about this you say that is wrong. You basically want all opposition to this to be quiet and put up with what it doesn't like. How unfortunate.
nothing wrong with talking, i was trying to emphasize the fact that 4 people talking about this on Fox News will have little effect on the majority of Americans.

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