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Default Re: [Mass Effect] Fox News Is Shocked

Originally Posted by nVJoe
Here is the basic argument they were making. Are these games good for kids? No. Are these games marketed towards kids? Yes. Should kids be playing these games? No. Do parents have a responsibility to monitor their children especially when these games are around? Yes. Did they mention the government banning these games? No.
Studied journalism much? If you have then you haven't learned much. There's no such thing as 'basic argument' in terms of journalism. Making basic arguments is just sharing opinions. Journalists are employed to discuss facts, not share opinions. Opinions are to be discussed by the Editor and nobody on that panel was the Fox News Editor. FOX News made an article regarding a specific XBOX 360 game's content, yet they treated as a spring board towards sharing the opinion that such adult content should not be shared with children. When pushed for facts they only avoided factual discussion and centered on disseminating their own opinions and snubbing those whose expert opinion they supposedly sought.

None of you who disagree with them have a damn leg to stand on. You just don't like the fact that there are people out there that find some of these games put out to be disgusting. Too bad deal with it.
No actually it is you who has no factual leg to support your point of view, just opinion. Opinion is fine and you're welcome to it but don't try to dress it up as fact, otherwise you look as sensationalist and ridiculous as the article being discussed here. That's the truth. Deal with that.

Not one of you can say these games are good for children. Not one of you can say these games are NOT marketed towards children. You are all smart people (except mezkal, he is a tit) and know this to be true whether you like it or not.
These games aren't aimed at children. Games like movies are rated by their sexual and violent content and if parents don't manage the dissemination of said content to their children then they are in fact being irresponsible in their roles as parents and indeed may even be breaking the law. You are not as smart as you think and pandering to people by singling someone out in calling him a name (by tit are you referring to the bird or the breast? be accurate and factual) is something that most people grew past when they left grade school. Your argument is flawed and weak and you know it, otherwise why would you resort to such pathetic behaviour?

You are all over reacting to this.
No, Fox overreacted irrationally to sensationalise something that isn't really an issue and others who see this are commenting on their overreaction.

And I will post more posts in a row if I DAMN WELL FEEL LIKE IT!

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