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Default Re: [Mass Effect] Fox News Is Shocked

Originally Posted by MowTin
Look, my point is that nudity and pornography were banned even in a totally anti-Christian governments like the Soviet Union.

Is nudity ok in India? You may object and say India is prudish because of the Hindu majority. Then what about China? What's their excuse?

Here is my theory. Nudity strips us of all our pretentions and status indicators. Naked we look like hairless apes and societies find that frightening. So it's banned and nudity becomes taboo and thrilling.
Agree, so why is it banned in the US? I think it is due in large part to Christian morality, specifically the story of Adam and Eve becoming aware of their nudity in the garden.

Anything that is banned becomes taboo and thrilling... that's why it seems so retarded to go apecrap over some game and banning it... making it all the more desireable.
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