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Default Re: The End For Blu-Ray?

Originally Posted by mullet
BINGO!!! +1
Sorry, you are wrong. Studios are calculating in their decisions. They hedged initially that HD DVD was going to win. For instance, it is a direct descendent of DVD and easier to manufacture. However, because of the supposed advantages of Blu Ray (likely a wash really) and studio power (i.e. Sony Pictures, Disney, etc), the Blu Ray format is squashing the HD DVD. Even with the firesale nobody is buying HD DVD players. There is a mindset in America that if TV A is 500 and TV B is 700; TV B is superior. WIth all the news of Blu Ray, people are assuming HD DVD is going away. Thus, the fallacy that Warner is going to do an about face considering the domination of Blu Ray in the marketplace is foolhardy. Take an economics class and see how supply and demand affects the marketplace. Nintendo, grudgingly, has the been the master stirring up hype for the Wii. Thus, it sells like hotcakes. Peace all.
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