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Default Re: Druid Talent specs

Originally Posted by Durude
Tr1ck has a pretty good spec going for him there. Right now I am my guilds OT and we have kara on farm, now my spec is almost identical to his. The thing that I would change is I would use the 3 points he has in Intensity some place else. As a feral tank mana regen while casting is useles and 4 rage with the enrage ability isnt a huge amount, and if your tanking your going to have good rage generation from being hit anyway so IMO those points could be much more usefull some place else. Now because Im the OT i switch between bear and cat alot so I put those 3 points in natural shapeshifter, now that 30% mana reduction isnt a huge thing for an OT but when im doing my dps i try to powershift so that does help with my dps when im in cat form. (Powershifting is basicly a trade off of mana to energy) if your the MT then I would advise that you go with Tr1ck or I's spec except for those 3 points, put them in Feral Aggression unless you have a warrior that has his shout , in that case i think those 3 points are pretty much freebies. Thats just my take on it, I welcome any constructive critism if you have hard facts that negate any of my ideas. Till then, Peace!!!
I agree. I was MT most of the time.
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