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Default Re: Druid Talent specs

there can't be a post about druids without me chiming in... I mean I have two 70 druids and all... (ok I might need some help)

here is the armory link to my feral main:
(ignore the mismatched gear, the armory hasn't updated to my s3 chest, or what I logged out in... I think. It has the gear pieces I use when I fly around to do dailies.)

notes on feral:
-easy to level once you get some druid concepts down.
-small downtime
-A very good 5 man and heroic tank
-Best endgame OT
-Decent dps with proper gear
-Druids as a whole allow you to switch role with a respec/gear change. Few other classes can do that.
-Sucks at general pvp, but excels at flag running.

for fun, here is my lazer turkey:
-"Aqua 2": Water Cooled Intel i7 960, 12 GB DDR3 PC 12800, 3x Intel X-25-M 80 GB SSD RAID 0, SATA 1.5TB WD, EVGA GeForce GTX 470 Supper Clocked Water Cooled, ASUS P6X58D, Corsair 800D w/ Koolance cooling
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