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Default Re: [Mass Effect] Fox News Is Shocked

Originally Posted by nVJoe
Here is the basic argument they were making. Are these games good for kids? No. Are these games marketed towards kids? Yes. Should kids be playing these games? No. Do parents have a responsibility to monitor their children especially when these games are around? Yes. Did they mention the government banning these games? No.

None of you who disagree with them have a damn leg to stand on. You just don't like the fact that there are people out there that find some of these games put out to be disgusting. Too bad deal with it.

Not one of you can say these games are good for children. Not one of you can say these games are NOT marketed towards children. You are all smart people (except mezkal, he is a tit) and know this to be true whether you like it or not.

You are all over reacting to this. And I will post more posts in a row if I DAMN WELL FEEL LIKE IT!

hugs and kisses UDawg

Oh an crainger, you can be my mass effect any time sailor. I see you down there.
mezcackle or what ever his name is danced around this post. When he or anyone can show me a study that say that these types of games are good for children then we can begin to have an argument. Until then shut ur pie-hole. So go ahead, make the argument that these games are good for children. Come on.

Yeah I'm calling you names because you are an idiot. You dance all around the issue and throw out your dislike of Fox news which has nothing to do with the topic.
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