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Default Re: [Mass Effect] Fox News Is Shocked

Originally Posted by mezkal
NVJoe :

You fail in debating probably because you fail to grasp the very nature of discussion.

Yes, its likely true that some people find games with sex and violence in them to be 'disgusting'. That, however, wasn't what we were discussing, it's what YOU seem to centered on and that's how stupid people like you discuss. You find one thing to focus on which isn't the actual focal point of discussion and then call people who find your subject matter irrelevant to the discussion (which it plainly is) idiots when it's actually you who lacks the basic grasp of how a discussion works. I didn't dance around your post, I debated the points that you raised (as infantile and as uninformed as they seemed to be) using factual knowledge.
You are talking out your ass again. I boiled down what they were talking about and you cannot rebut it.

Answer these damn question. Oh no need, I provided the answers for you.
Are these games bad for children? Yes
Are these games marketed towards children? Yes
Do parents have a responsibility to protect their children? Yes
Does the constant barrage of these types of games make it harder and harder for parents to protect their children? Yes

I have a child, do you? I am constantly telling him no, no, no. Then I have to explain why I say no. Later I have to explain what the crap he sees at school from his friends is about. Don't tell me I don't know what I'm talking about.

The only tactic you have been using is that I don't grasp this. LOL! All you have brought up is the parental control feature on the xbox360. That is such a tiny part of the discussion that it isn't funny. And why is this? Simple bad parents make a impact on good parents from their bad choices.

Again when you can point to a study that says this stuff it good for children then we can talk.

You, on the other hand, seem to think that calling me a name whilst ignoring my points of view AND the facts at play that pertain to the discussion at hand as a platform from which you can seem informed or relevant. You're neither and you probably will never learn why.
Yeah because you are an idiot. Oh it was fine in all the other threads when you displayed your religious bigotry but the moment someone comes out and calls you what you are you want to get pissy? Grow a pair!

Your and my opinion on the nature of sex and violence in games doesn't matter here, it's a FOX News article that centers around Mass Effect's sexual imagery that is being discussed. If you want to discuss a matter that, as you said, has already been mass debated (a pun just in case you missed it) here 'many times' then make a thread and I'll gladly debate you on the matter. Otherwise stick to the subject at hand or take your own advice and shut your pie-hole (not that hard to spell properly when you try).
The topic is are these types of games bad for children? that is the topic. You don't like Fox News even bringing up the topic because you don't like how they talked about Mass Effect. Mass Effect was just the example they used. Mass Effect is tame compared to some of the games out there but the point is Mass Effect is very violent and contains sex. End of discussion. We have both played the game and know what it is about. And your only reply is "well xbox and a parental control feature". LOL! How shallow and simple do you have to be to think that solves the problem or removes any responsibility from the game producers who market these games towards kids. LOL!
You're calling me names because, intellectually, it's the best you can do.
Nah, I go after people such as your self who have a unique gift at being an idiot. If I had some respect for you I would treat you much differently. As it stands now you are just another demigod for gaming geeks.

I will allow you the last words on this topic. LOL!
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