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Default Re: WoW gold limit reached

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
Hunters aren't one of the harder classes for me to kill Just ignore the pet, charge right in, claw and bleed him to death. Probably be even easier if I just force the pet to sleep first, though I haven't needed to yet.
You haven't been going against very smart hunters then.

In your feral forms (non-humanoid), they can fear you. They can trap you and heal themselves while the pet wakes up.

The hunter class is just abundant with simple players because it is such a simple class to play and do "ok". A smart hunter can kick most other classes in the butt most of the time. There is a matter of level and gear to consider of course. Some key abilities aren't gotten until much higher levels. This is why low level PvP is very imbalanced.
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