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Default forcedeth driver for ethernet in Shuttle XPC Glamour Series

Hi -

Question here about getting ethernet drivers to play with the Shuttle XPC Glamour series. These sysems have Nvidia Geforce 7/ nforce 630a graphics/chipset onboard. These systems have an onboard gigE controller
(Marvel 88E1116 Gigabit Ethernet Controller).

Initially tried installation of CentOS 4.5 (2.6.9-55 kernel), many important driver modules wouldn't load - sata_nv, ahci, or forcedeth all failed when probing the system.

Then tried downloading most recent nforce driver package (before support seems to have vanished)


and incorporated newer drivers into the CentOS initrd ramdisk:

this step helped in probing and loading ahci and sata_nv drivers, but not forcedeth module.

I've confirmed this behavior on both the Shuttle XPC SN68SG2 and G5 models (AMD x86_64 based), which have identical nforce chipsets.

Have also tried installs with CentOS 5.0, with kernel 2.6.18-8, with similar ethernet detection problems.

Anyone have any suggestions or similar experiences with this chipset?

Thanks in advance,

Peter Gordon
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