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Default Re: The End For Blu-Ray?

Originally Posted by Zelda_fan
Nintendo's games are just more fun. And they've been doing this for a lot longer than Sony or MS so this isn't a big surprise to me. Yes, the Wii's visuals can't compete against what the 360 does, but games like Mario Galaxy and Zelda are leagues ahead of anything the 360 has in terms of fun.
Thats your opinion, I enjoyed my X360 and PS3 far more then the Wii. I only played Zelda and Raving Rabbids on it. Everything else was meh in my opinion. Heck I played my PS2 more then all of the new consoles lately since there are SOOO many games I have yet to compelete on it.

I dout someone who loves FPS, RPGs and Action games wouldn't be that interested in a Wii.
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