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Default Re: Druid Talent specs

I am going to try this route first:

But my goal is equal balance on solo and group PVP with very little to no emphasis on PvE. Thus far PvE has been quite viable up til level 31 where I am at now. I can tank very well, and even work as a healer if I carry plenty of mana pots, but my specialty is DPS, at least for now.

Originally Posted by nVJoe
of course people love the druid class. Every one likes it when they play the game on easy mode.
I don't know much about other classes as I haven't played anything else beyond 20, but from what I have played of the game, I can say that druid requires a lot more improvisation and quick reactions than most classes. Yes you can pwn with it, but if you just want to mash buttons like you can as a rogue, warrior, lock or mage in order to win, then that won't work.
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