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Default Re: Druid Talent specs

Originally Posted by thor1182

would maximize your dps a bit more
DPS isn't my ultimate goal though. Overall PVP is.

One reason I selected natures focus over naturalist is because you can get that heal in without interruption most of the time, which makes that extra .5 second gain in naturalist not worth it if you are getting wailed on. The 10% gain in DPS is good, but what good is an extra 10% damage when if your health is low you can recover much more of your own much easier.

Also survival of the fittest isn't really worth it. 3% gain in stats is ok but not anything spectacular. 3% reduction in critical strikes against you is meaningless when the other person already has a high critical strike chance.

At least that is my theory anyways. How it actually works in practice is a whole other thing. No harm in trying it as my first spec though.
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