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Default Re: [Mass Effect] Fox News Is Shocked

Originally Posted by nVJoe
Answer these damn question. Oh no need, I provided the answers for you.
Are these games bad for children? Yes
Are these games marketed towards children? Yes
Do parents have a responsibility to protect their children? Yes
Does the constant barrage of these types of games make it harder and harder for parents to protect their children? Yes

I have a child, do you? I am constantly telling him no, no, no. Then I have to explain why I say no. Later I have to explain what the crap he sees at school from his friends is about. Don't tell me I don't know what I'm talking about.
The game is rated and clearly marked as "M" for mature. As such it not marketed towards children.

No, it doesn't. The problem that you are seeing is the lack of parental guidance in general for children. This does not mean that YOU are not doing your duty to the fullest extent, it is completely possible that some friends, or people at school, etc.. are passing on the effect of lack of parenting on to your child. That is what makes protecting your child from these things harder.

Yes, I have a son. I make sure to take interest in his life and ensure that all the mediums that he is involved in are appropriate for a nine year old. I have played Mass Effect through, and he has not been allowed to play or watch, for the violence alone. ps: I applaud the fact that you explain why you say no to your child, rather than simply saying no. It is very important in my opinion to know why, rather than blind faith.

This next part is not directed at you NVjoe, but at people in general.

On a related subject, statistically speaking, ( ) children are safer now, and have a lower death rate, than ever before. However, the media, peddles their wares through fear, which is not the truth. note: No, that doesn't mean that you simply can stop parenting, as far too many simply let their children run free and have no idea how to parent and be supportive.

As for Christianity, it is not a bad thing. A thought, a belief, are never good/bad in themselves. Any perversion of any religion, or on the behalf of any religion, or non-religion for that matter, is because of people. Some people need to believe in something, and so long as they offer the ability for others to belive in other things, it doesn't hurt anyone. Along those lines, anyone who considers themselves a "Christian" and also supports "Wars" and prays for soldiers, really needs to re-read the first commandment, because it isn't "optional", and they are called non-forgivable sins for a good reason. note: people being hypocritical about religion, severely annoy me.

Note: If I believed, I'd be going to hell, but I don't, at least not in that way. That still doesn't give me the right to be a bad person.
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