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Default Re: Druid Talent specs

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
I don't know much about other classes as I haven't played anything else beyond 20, but from what I have played of the game, I can say that druid requires a lot more improvisation and quick reactions than most classes. Yes you can pwn with it, but if you just want to mash buttons like you can as a rogue, warrior, lock or mage in order to win, then that won't work.
Agree 100% there especially the improv and quick reactions. A single druid that knows what he/she is doing can make the difference between a total wipe or a few quick rez's if something goes wrong in an instance or a raid. I cant count how many times someone messed up in an instance or kara and I was able to pick up mobs or the boss and save the wipe. For anyone thats been in that situation they know it happens more often than people think. And your right on about button mashing, my first 2 toons were a rogue and a mage, as with any class you have to have a good idea on how to play it to be totaly effective but for the most part you can set up macros like the hunters and locks for a 1 or 2 button mash.

Originally Posted by Tr1cK
Nature's Focus is a complete waste unless you are a healer. In PvP you will be interrupted regardless of this talent. Earth Shock, Shield Bash, Kick, Silence, etc.

Barkskin is what you want to use when you need to heal just yourself and not get 'interrupted'.

Survival of the Fittest is crucial. Why do you think they introduced resilience gear if not?

Also, at 70, I would take Shredding Attacks for sure. Shred is your #1 source of DPS in cat form especially after a Mangle and if the mob is bleed resistant.
Tr1cK has hit it on the nose again here Nature's Focus is the hugest waste of points if you are anything but a healer and Barkskin is your friend Especially if your getting stunlocked regardless of your spec.
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