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Default Re: The End For Blu-Ray?

Originally Posted by nicorulez
Lol, imbroglio think for just a second. Investing in a new HD multimedia format requires billions of dollars. Sure, the nVnews users could conceive of a better format than either HD DVD or Blu Ray, but do we have the capitol to back it. This debate is about as rational as the morons who refused to give up their analog televisions and S-video inputs three to four years ago. How many analog non-HD sets are sold now? None unless you live in BFE. Thus, to state that because DVD is winning now that there is no clear winner is asinine. Blu Ray is dominating. Face the facts. It is not even close. Blu Ray is not competing with DVD. DVD will be quite dead in 5 years or so (sorry necroft ??) . Does anyone around here remember when VHS tapes absolutely dominated DVD sales. Guess what, when people with disposable income see HD media on their new shiny televisions the demise for DVD will progress rapidly. For the people with last gen sets there is no reason to go HD (Blu Ray or otherwise). In a few years, the market will change. BTW, what company do you propose is going to come in and seal the doom of Blu Ray and HD DVD. Is it HD Divx lol.
Just so that we are on the same page, you do realize that Average Joe thinks that upconverting dvds looks "just as good" as HDM. The quality difference between vhs and dvd is not the same to average joe as upconverted dvds and HDM. HDM won't be decided in 5 months, let alone 5 years. it's naive to think otherwise.

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