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Default Re: forcedeth driver for ethernet in Shuttle XPC Glamour Series

Thanks for the suggestions!

I recompiled the 2.6.23-13 kernel with PHY device support and added in the
MII PHY device driver, and now it plays nice.

This solves my immediate problem, but while I'm at it, might as well push my luck. The reason I'm using the relatively out of date 2.6.9 kernel is because this machine is network installed via kickstart/anaconda (along with a number of others), and as such, it is tethered to the ramdisk image supplied by CentOS/RedHat.

I've found the hard way that kickstart doesn't play nice with rebuilt kernel initrd files build from, say, mkinitrd, so I'm struggling to figure out how one might add in the necessary drivers one needs into the CentOS supplied ramdisk, given that these may be new additions. Updating drivers doesn't seem too difficult, (as in link supplied in original note), but I'm at a loss as to how to incorporate newer ones...

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