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Default Roundups

Just a thought on the new roundup trend on the site. I have been following your site for a couple years now. The main attraction to your site, for me, being able to have a cup of coffe and read worthwhile news. All these roundups are, in my opinion, not even worth looking at. All the same thing really... 10 reviews on this MB or that GFX card. Really, how many reviews for the same GFX card or MB do we need to see? We all know the hardware industry is in a turn down and that really affects the quality of news worthy stories.

I think broader, industry related news (New software, Security issues, Game updates, etc) would be a benifit to the site instead of 10 articles on the NF2 mobo reviews. At one time, I remember the site also made it easy for people to post news to you. If this gone or am I just missing it?

Don't take this the wrong way guys, I just found myself visiting this site less and less and thought I would share my reasons.

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