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Default Re: [Mass Effect] Fox News Is Shocked

Some of those Amaxon reviews are really funny.

I recently picked up this book at a local retailer that had it on sale. Based on the picture of the author on the cover, I thought it was about adults with learning disabilities
I picked up this book hoping for a witty and cogent defense of perfectionism, a value too often trashed these days by the prevailing "only human" crowd, but I was to be sorely, and nauseatingly disappointed. Put simply, the title of this book is not only misleading but an outright lie; nowhere within its (mercifully) few pages is the subject of perfection, or human personality for that matter, even hinted at. The work instead, being nothing more than a pack of the most sordid, lurid, and distasteful literary pornography one is ever likely to encounter. Dealing with the subjects of sodomy, incest, pedophilia, and even mild bestiality, this abominable book not only covers the gamut of mankind's vilest depredations but encourages their practice! Among children, no less!! Page after horrific page detailing the horrendous perversions of one despicable degenerate after another, and this from a book placed brazenly where anyone can see it! That such filth can even find a publisher in the United States, let alone be marketed so falsely, makes one weep for the future of this society.
From what I have heard, this book is not just pornographic and ethically-repulsive, it is dangerous. Unlike the video game and movie industries, the publishing industry is not regulated by a ratings authority. There is no mechanism in place to inform parents about the contents of this book, or any other book, before allowing their children to read.

This book's title seems positive, when the actual book is anything but. The effort of the author and publishing company to market this book towards children is disturbing to say the least. While they claim that this book is actually marketed towards young adult women there is not yet an effective way to stop children from purchasing this book. The purveyors know this and see it as nothing more than an advantage to their bottom line.
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