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Alrighty, well ill start off by saying the old drivers have worked on my, and my friends machine. Upon installing the new drivers, they seem to work fine, until reboot. I get this following messages right after it attempts to mount my root partition:

pid 84 (fsck_ufs), uid0: exited on signal 8
pid 85 (fsck_ufs), uid0: exited on signal 8

The system countinues to halt and i cannot access the machine, even in single user mode. My friend has had the same problem as me, and we thought it was user error upon installing the drivers, so he put FreeBSD on another computer and the new drivers worked fine.

The only thing i could notice that was simliar on both the machines that these drivers did not work on was the nforce chipsets, i have an nforce chipset, my friend has an nforce2 chipset.

Anyone have any ideas? Please? It would be nice to get these drivers working, or even know what the problem is. Thanks in advance.

AIM: Nefarios102

My hardware:
Geforce 3
Microstar motherboard with nforce chipset
1700xp+ athalon, 266 mhz bus
512 ddr ram

Friends hardware:
Geforce FX 5600
Asus motherboard with nforce2 chipset
2600xp+ with 333 mhz ddr bus
1 gig dual channel ddr ram
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