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Default Re: The End For Blu-Ray?

Originally Posted by nicorulez you really think DVD players will be around in 5 years. Five years ago people thought that 480i was the bomb. Analog ruled the roost. PS2 and XBox were far superior to most computers. Graphic cards had 64mb of RAM. Hell, George W was still polling alright. If you are naive to enough to believe that an old format such as DVD will be viable you do not understand corporate. Once the HD DVD thing goes away; if you can't smell the writing on the wall you are either a fanboy or own Toshiba stock; Blu Ray players will become as ubiquitous as water. The original DVD player a few years ago was over 1000 dollars. Blu Ray players are already at 350. Do you think that the consortium the supports Blu Ray wil continue to make a product that will essentially give them nil profits (DVD). Remember, Blu Ray is backwards compatible and upconverting also. Here goes:


nice to see you pulled out the crystal ball for this post. 99% of the **** you spewed was speculation.
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