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Default Re: [Mass Effect] Fox News Is Shocked

Gamers are pissed because a so called expert goes on a news show slamming a game with no facts about the game itself. She doesn't have to be a gamer to get respect. If you are going to talk about a subject, at least do some research beforehand. If she was serious, she should have sat down with the game for few hours and seen what it's about. Not even in that amount of time would she even see anything in question (not sure when those scenes start in the game). What people did to her Amazon page is wrong but maybe she'll learn her lession next time. People in the News media need to be accountable for what they say on the air because what they are doing is worse than what they are blaming Mass Effect about. The media is just pissed that video games are starting to overpower movies and TV because they can't get their crap together.

Video games are under a lot of scrutiny lately and gamers fear that stuff like this will be the beginning of the end for gaming.
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