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Default Re: nHancer version 2.1.1

Originally Posted by Try4Ce
I'm using nHancer 2.4.0 Beta 2 as well, I like the new interface

But I have some Issues with all nHancer Releases and my 8800GT.

As soon as I have started nHancer, Crysis and all the nVidia Tech Demos (like the 8800 Series Demos) are really starting to get slow. Without nHancer started, the Demos are running alot smoother...
Even if I exit nHancer afterwards the issue remains as long as I restart Windows....

Any suggestions to fix that?
I can only guess that there is some conflict between the .NET framework and your gfx driver, though I have a hard time understanding it.

Could you gibe me some more info please?

What OS are you using? Which .NET framework versions do you have installed? Did you try to uninstall all of them and the install only 2.0 and all auto updates for .NET?

Which driver are you using?

What's the difference in performance? Can you give me some 3DMark bench results for example?
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