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- agp is needed only if you use nforce2 igp or if you have a graphic card which is not an nvidia one
so if you have an nvidia graphic card, you don't have to use agpgart
if you don't have one, you must patch your kernel to support agpgart of nforce (patch is in the nforce driver package)
- acpi work for me but i don't enable all options : i only enable this :

for apic, i think it's not very useful and i don't use it

- lm-sensors don't work very well for me, but maybe it's because of my motherboard, and not the nforce2 chipset (I have a shuttle)

- don't forget the ide setting : you must enable amd viper driver

anyway, there is a good doc which come with the driver, and you should read it before all

PS : excuse me a lot for my very poor english
i hope you understood me
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