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Default Re: [Mass Effect] Fox News Is Shocked

Originally Posted by nVJoe
How incredibly petty. You guys actually think this is funny? How old are you kids? You guys take what she said and got all hot and bothered over if for nothing. None of you dealt with content of her argument which is games like these are bad for children. No instead you guys cheer on crap like this.

This is why I hate gamers and the gaming community. It is void of happiness, anything meaningful and any sense of decency. Basically gamers are stuck in the 8th grade. You go into any game and listen to them and it is a free-for-all of stupidity. Yet you guys want to put this woman down because she has more to her life than a computer? What a joke.

Look what happens. You say one thing against a game and all hell breaks loose. Then like a bunch of geeks idiots flock to try and destroy anything that gets in their twisted way.

Bunch of friking morons you guys are. OH NOES! she didn't actually play the game. Oh and like anyone who trashed her book on Amazon read it. The hypocrisy alone is embarrassing.

Again back to her points.

Are violent games bad for children? Yes
Are games like this marketed towards kids? Hell yes. Any of you who say they are not are full of crap. I was sitting with my son watching TV and one of these commercials came on. Oh yeah my son's first reaction was "cool". You guys hate corporations but you will defend video game corporations because they give you what you want.

All you guys want to do is act like a bunch of morons because some of this game's content was over exaggerated. It doesn't matter if she is right on the rest of her points but DAMN IT SHE DIDN"T PLAY THE GAME!!!!!!!!11111

For a guy who hates the video gaming community, you sure do spend alot of time here. Maybe you need to take some time to cool off, because this anger problem of yours leads to alot of silly and incoherent arguments.

I mean, you're passing off your son's reaction to a video game commercial as proof that video games are marketed towards children. Even mature games. This is the same type of petty proof that this psychologist was using to back up her claims.

Obviously, you missed the irony behind why the gamer's went on Amazon to post poor reviews.
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