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Default Re: I need some advice.

nah man post all the questions you can. better to buy the best for your $ now than buy something else and regret your decision after you discover there were better choices...

But as it stands right now, it's pretty hard to beat the following.

Intel X38 or P35 if you're on a tighter budget and don't need SLI.
Intel E8400 w/zalman or other comparable HSF
Corsair dominator ram (I think you can get 4 gigs of DDR800 for a decent price these days).
Corsair PSU -> golden... I think their beast 1000watt modular psu is right around the corner if not already out.
one MSI 8800ultra oc if you want 1 video card (for the intel board) or 2 8800gt oc's.

I also prefer the samsung writemaster dual layer 20X sata drive and raptor hdd for the OS and newegg has 500 gig SATA western digital drives for $100 now.

there are so many choices that it can get confusing and intimidating but that's what we're here for and of course, my reccomendations are just based on my personal experience building both budget office/home pc's for people as well as overclocked, watercooled gaming behemoths. I've got around 50 builds under my belt and have found myself sort of settling in with certain components build after build simply becuase they always work and always perform well for a great price.

anyways, yeah let us know what your final decision will be.
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