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Originally posted by hlprmnky

It turns out that my problem was my video card - eVGA shipped their 5900u's with a tweaked BIOS that was apparently not so hot.

My board runs fine unless I both load X and the nVidia driver for the the geforce 2MX video card AND burn CDROMS.
Burning a CD will kill the system every time. Under X. Don't run X (and the nVidia driver) and I can burn a CD.
The machine is an office 'test box'. It doesn't run any OS for extended periods of time, although it does run WinXP more than Linux so I have something to test our servers with.
My main 'workstation' is an old PIII/600 machine that no longer has a windows partition :-)

I found my crashes were some sort of failure in the IDE driver while burning CDs. Got kdb going to find that one...

There is some sort of interaction going on between nVidia's graphics driver and the IDE driver...
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