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Angry Performance problem with nvnet

I have recently assembled a new computer for the living room based on the Asus A7N266-VM/LAN motherboard. I have tried Knoppix where I could never get the built-in NIC to work although I installed the Nvidia unified driver. After that I am now trying Redhat 9 with the unified driver version 261. I got the same horrible performance as described in this thread. The bad performance was the same with kernels 2.4.20-8 and the upgrade 2.4.20-18.9. The computer was acting as if it was partly frozen whenever the net was being accessed through the nvnet driver. I have now inserted an SMC PCI NIC with a Realtek 8139 chip, and everything works fine. It is irritating though that the built-in NIC on the motherboard does not work well. I urge Nvidia to release information about their hardware so that reliable drivers can be made by the OSS movement, or release their existing drivers as GPL so that drivers can be included in the kernel source and quality controlled by the OSS community.

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