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Default Re: The End For Blu-Ray?

nicorulez and personal opinion apparently go hand in hand. the spewing of personal opinion about what people will do in the near future has left the end of this thread quite comical. you regurgitated the backing of BD, congratulations, your hypocritical comment about the use of google has bode well for you. you ignore facts like this, but because best buy will stop selling SD tvs means it the end of SD *gasp*. Are you serious here, are you using best buy as an argument? The average size of average Joe's television is ~32 inches, if you can tell the difference between an upconverted dvd and HDM from average viewing distance of 7' on this size set, I will laugh in your face. So until this average tv size starts increasing(which it currently is), HD sets have more than 25% of the market and the prices of HDM are at the prices of current dvds, only then will we see a large shift in the market. Business Economics 101. Until then we will be lucky if by the end of 2008 that dvd to HDM sales are better than 95:1. Learn and post some facts, maybe then will people in this thread respond to your posts seriously. If not keep posting, either way you are making this a hilarious thread.

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