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Talking Re: BloodRayne 2 FSAA Patch 1.1

Welcome to the public version 1.4 of the BloodRayne 2 FSAA Patch.

This new version adds custom shader programs to enhance the following effects: wave pools, water & blood fields. These new shaders use reflection, perlin refraction & bump mapping techniques. The shaders are written in D3D ASM, & they require VS 1.1 & PS 1.4.

Enhanced Blood Fields / Enhanced Water / Enhanced Wave Pool:

Perlin effects need a huge computing power. My decision here has been to use the CPU power, cause the game is very bounded by the GPU power. Therefore, i've developed a multi-threaded perlin algorithm optimized 100% in assembler with SSE3. As result, dual core users won't have any performance hit on the FPS, and quad core users will enjoy smoother effects. In the future there will be a SSE4.1 version too (as soon as i get my Q9450 )

Remember to set 'numWorkerThreads = NumberOfCores - 1' to avoid a performance hit on the FPS. Dual core users should set '1', and Quad Core users '3'. This way, you'll enjoy all these enhancements without any drop in your FPS. Single core users must set '1', and they will have a performance hit on the zones with the new effects.

Also, the configuration program includes a new 'benchmark tool' for your multi-core CPU. It has profiles for different sorts of benchmarks. If you configure a custom long benchmark, i can tell you that it will overheat your CPU to unknown levels It's an excellent test for any multi-core CPU. You can run it without the game. I hope to see your results soon (Less Total Time = Better Result).

About the Forceware drivers, i can tell you that the patch works perfectly with version 169.01, but, SSAA is totally broken since 169.21, and 171.x causes huge stability problems while running the game. About ATI users, well, i'm sorry, but, i haven't any ATI card installed atm to try it, but i really would love to investigate it, in special for CF setups on Intel mobos.

Last, i would like to announce that i'm going to start another project with a good friend, to remake the textures of the game in high resolution. The project might be called 'BloodRayne 2 HD'. Therefore, if you can contribute, send me a pm or something. Artists are needed.

Special thanks to the game developers & publishers (Terminal Reality & Majesco) for allowing me to release this patch.

Thank you very much & enjoy playing with Rayne !
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