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Default Re: PS3 game load times

Originally Posted by crainger
I hope more games mask the loadtimes like Mass Effect did. Pity they couldn't mask ALL the loading screens.
It's understandable tho, it's U3 engine used in an open rpg, with big spaces, nice textures etc etc. I mean it's not gears of war with it's narrow spaces and railroad tracks ...

You get texture popups in GoW too if you back track just a small bit. Same thing happens even in Bioshock from time to time despite it's lowres textures if you run around and die/respawn.

Texture streaming on a 12x dvd drive ... and if you got a samsung one then its prolly even worse.

What we need is an engine optimized for the 360 to overcome such "flaws", and Im sure it will happen eventually.
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