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Default Re: Does overclocking reduce the life of your CPU?

I honestly dont think that OCing really will do anything cause if they didnt want you to OC then they would already OC them for you!

But on the other hand mine got messed up.

I bought my AMD x2 4200 socket:939 CPU in June 2006. I have a ASUS a8n-sli deluxe mobo which has a AI or NOS OC and ive had it on the AI, never NOS, 10% OC for a little over a year and now when if i have it at 10% OC and i try doing something that takes alot of CPU like converting or burning my CPU will go to max(100%) and freeze or blue screen. It took me a while to figure out why. And sure enough it was the AI that messed it up. Dont know how or why but i'm just going to end up sending it in since it still has a year left on the warrenty!

But i wish i could still OC cause it takes twice as long now to do ****. For all that are doing anything or even OCing, dont cheap out on a CPU, spend liek $60 a get a really good on or even a water cooled one. Cause i dont think you want to fry your $300 + - CPU!

I have this CPU cooler which the metal never really gets hot:
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