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Default Re: nHancer version 2.1.1

Originally Posted by Grestorn

Your problem is that the task bar at the bottom covers part of the windows. You should be able to change that by right clicking the task bar and selecting "Properties" and Change the setting "Keep the taskbar on top of other windows". You might have to change it twice and press Apply after each change, sometimes Windows gets confused with this setting.

But it would be more prudent to actually use the resolution of your monitor. If you don't want to lose the large text fonts, you can still enlarge them even with a higher resolution. There's an "Adjust Font Size (DPI)" setting in your advanced Display properties for this.
the keep the taskbar option on top was already selected. i even tried redoing it a couple times, but it still chops the window off.

i have been running @ 1024 for years now and never had this issue untill the newer forceware drivers came out? why didnt it chop off windows in the past @ 1024? weird. i just wish i could figure it out, as i dont want to run at a higher rez. never had to before
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