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Default Re: I got my Wii back... IT'S STILL NOT FIXED!!!

Originally Posted by mezkal
I dunno about that. It's possible we're just not hearing much of due to Ninty being the current winner of the console race and fan favourite too.
I think we don't hear about it because...

1. The issue is MUCH more pronounced on hi def screens. I'd wager that the VAST majority of Wii's are hooked up to SDTVs.

2. Most people are using the composite cables that come with it, so even if it IS hooked up to an HDTV the signal is weaker and makes the problem less noticeable.

3. Most people aren't playing graphically intense games like Zelda or Metroid Prime. The Wii doesn't have to struggle as much for Wii Sports, Mario Party, etc. I don't know if the correlation between the more intense games and the appearance of the issue is a result of causation or coincidence, but it makes sense to some degree...

4. Most people haven't enabled 24/7. This is a known cause for many cases of this issue.

5. It's likely that the problem only arises in a certain subset of machines.
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