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Default Re: The End For Blu-Ray?

Originally Posted by nicorulez
Imbroglio, by the way your link is very helpful. 25 percent of the US household's have a HDTV. This is double the penetrance from two years ago. Assuming the same trend, in two years 50% will have HDTV's. In four years almost 100% of US households will have HDTV's. Thus, your argument actually contradicts you. HDTV's are being sold at a rapid clip....essentially doubling every two years. Now, if I owned a HDTV and in two years I could pick up a 50 dollar DVD player or 100-125 dollar HD player which one would I choose. I know what I would choose, but I assume you don't really care.
idk where the hell you are getting these statistics.

please give some sort of reference. or if you dont have any, at least admit youre pulling numbers out of nowhere.
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