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Default Re: I got my Wii back... IT'S STILL NOT FIXED!!!

The Wii has had a number of reports of the 24/7 functionality overheating the units while they are off and damaging them. It is a known flaw in the software, however most people who have a wii (non-hardcore gamers), don't post around here.
Discolored pixels on the Wii, just like any other console, shows after damage has been done to the gpu or gpu memory, and leaving it alone will not fix it.

We all know about the 360, so there is no need to re beat a already dead horse. However, the number of problems being reported seems to have eased off a little over the last couple of months.

The PS3 from most reports seems to be the most reliable console so far, however it has not sold as well as the other two so there are less consoles to fail. In addition by all reports most of the power of the PS3 has been untapped, as the machine becomes more tapped, you can expect more failures to happen.
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