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Default Is this voltage safe at this cpu speed?

I finally got around to putting a fan on my p5b-d northbridge and have managed to breach my previous fsb limit (by 1 so far) but im in doubt about my core voltage and how safe it is with speedstep enabled.

EDIT: now its 2 yay!

Is there something I can set differently so the voltage drops when the multi does or is it fine?

Also my bios max cpu /nb/ich voltages are set to auto, advice here please for good settings.

FSB Termination Voltage: Auto, 1.2v, 1.3v, 1.4v, 1.5v
NB Voltage: Auto, 1.25v, 1.35v, 1.45v, 1.55v, 1.65v
SB Voltage: Auto, 1.5v, 1.6v, 1.7v, 1.8v
IHC Chipset Voltage: Auto, 1.057v, 1.215v

If anyone can tell me the point of running higher fsb with lower multi please also ,or link

I may want to push this thing lots more when my new cooler arrives.

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