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Default Re: My texturepack for Quake Darkplaces

Originally Posted by JigenD
Wow, you really like to think you know more than you actually do don't you? First off, just because you've named something 'true' doesn't make any such thing as 'fake parallax mapping'. The original definition of parallax mapping WHICH IS TRUE does NOT include occlusion.

However, you're still wrong on ALL POINTS. 'Steep' parallax mapping, as listed in the link before, INCLUDES OCCLUSION BY DEFINITION.

So basically stop talking about **** you don't know.

parallax mapping without occlusion looks fine as long as you don't do something stupid like put it on a model. Also, occlusion won't fix parallax mapping from not looking right at certain angles anyways.
Have you ever done any mapping or setup materials in Unreal Engine 3?

So much of the stuff looks like garbage once it gets "cooked," I guess that was so the games could be "console-friendly."

Bioshock looks ugly, it's character models look BEYOND ugly (not the intended ugliness), etc.
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