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Default Re: Sometimes Elite 3/4 Red Ring. Problem?

Originally Posted by from XBOX Forums

Sections 1, 3, and 4 are flashing red
- General Hardware Failure

Check the secondary Error Code per the instructions in the section below


1. Try restarting the console.
2. If restarting the console does not resolve the behavior, follow these steps:
* Turn the console off.
* Unplug all the power and AV cables from the console.
* Unplug the power cord from the wall socket.
* Firmly reconnect all the cables.
* Turn on the console.
3. If these steps do not resolve the behavior, turn the console off, remove the hard drive, and then turn on the console. If the 3x Red LED error light is no longer displayed, turn the console off, re-attach the hard drive, and then turn on the console.
4. Also examine the lights on the power supply. When you turn on the console, the power supply light should illuminate green even if the three lights on the RoL flash red.]

If they're flashing it's not normal. If not, then it's probably fine.
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