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Default Re: a Crysis map for High End Systems !

Originally Posted by m3dude
12 million polys per frame is terrible design no matter how u look at it. i dont think even the next generation of cards will have that level of vertex power. i was literally getting 5 fps on my very high end system at high settings.

You and everyone else. =P

It's a beautiful map, but I'm sorry, as much of a graphics wh0re as I am, the performance here is just inexcusable.

20fps is my limit with this game now with the new hardware I got over the weekend.

The main game @ all high settings runs fluid now, 32fps-62fps.

When I use the rc3 final hp ultra config, I avg 24-48fps, still playable with this game, never felt a game so fluid @ sucvh a low fps.

But this map, I think one spot, looking at a wall, I hit 8 frames. WHOO-HOO.

Point is, as nice as it looks, as fun as it may be, how much enjoyment can you get with it, lagging along?

Optimizations for teh win.
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