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Default Re: a Crysis map for High End Systems !

Originally Posted by FastRedPonyCar
I think the point of it was to show people again what the engine is capable of doing. There is an astonishing amount of longevity this engine and the new Farcry 2 engine have. They've basically made it so that they can build games for 2+ years with little needing to be re-coded the way valve is having to constantnly overhaul their source engine to keep up. Crytek future proofed the engine and this map is showing what (with any luck) we'll see later in the year or next year out of hopefully some new shooter games. As I said, a call of duty game that looked like that would be jaw dropping.
1.) It wouldn't be jaw-dropping 2 years from now when the game is actually playable. By then much nicer engines will be out.

2.) No matter what you say, the polygon count is insane, as stated by someone earlier, next-gen cards would struggle with this. So this maps purpose is to show us what the engine is capable 2 years from now, when we will no longer appreciate it. Brilliant...
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