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Default Re: 8400M GS : Low performences

Originally Posted by feyeuh
I have the same problem you guys have.

My system:
HP Pavilion Media Center dv6617ed Core Duo T2310 (1.46GHz) 2x1GB, 120GB, DVD+/-RW, 15.4-inch TFT, Windows Vista Home Premium

Also slow in vista desktop... same problem.

Installed the latest drivers.. 3DMark2006: 1500 points.

I thought this card could play games better. Is DX 10 its 8xxx but it can play new games? :s

Someone any solution on windows vista?
No, the performance off your card is correct or even better than the average results with this card. This card is just to slow for new games. Features like DX10 say nothin about the power of a card.
The names of the nvida-cards have a simple scheme. The first number is the generation (in this case 8xxx, the 8th). The following thre numbers represent more or less the power. x100 or x200 is office-only, x300 to x500 is office and multimedia (like HD videos), x600 is medium gaming (possible but not with the highest qualities) and x800 are the high-end-chips.

So a 7600 card is faster than a 8400, a 7900 is faster than a 8600 and never forget that notebook-chips are still slower than their desktop-versions, because they are meant to be mobile.

Although it should have no problems with Aero, but well its Microsoft and this is a Linux-Thread. I would recommend to look here or here.
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