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Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
WTF is with the people in WOW? When I used to quest in the Barrens, people Horde side always would talk about Chuck Norris. Now every time I pass through it weeks later, people still always talk about Chuck Norris.

How the hell did Chuck Norris become the never ending chat topic in the barrens?
Yup...its been going on for years.
I think its hilarious...The barrens needs "something" to distract from the dull and tedious questing that goes on there.
Id rather listen to that than ppl constantly calling others "noob" "nooblet" "noobcake" or whatever other forn of noobing they can find....drives me insane!

I have to admit the "rising tide" talk that seems to go on in Org is a bit too much though.
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