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Default Re: My texturepack for Quake Darkplaces

Originally Posted by Spoudazo
Have you ever done any mapping or setup materials in Unreal Engine 3?

So much of the stuff looks like garbage once it gets "cooked," I guess that was so the games could be "console-friendly."

Bioshock looks ugly, it's character models look BEYOND ugly (not the intended ugliness), etc.
That's the Unreal Tournament 3 EDITOR, not UE3... and yes, I actually have, but at least I understand why you're saying the things you are now.

As far as the cooking process, what are you talking about? The lighting model does change from dynamic to lightmaps, and like some others I do miss the dynamic effect. I agree UT3 doesn't look so great overall, but it's not totally because of the consoles. Maybe it's Epic being inept and not knowing the consoles as well as they could. Take a look at stuff like Uncharted or Gran Turismo 5 Prologue on PS3, or Kameo and some parts of Halo 3. The best looking consoles games don't use UE3...

I disagree completely that Bioshock looks 'ugly' by any means. You may not like it, but the majority of people will disagree with you. It's the best looking UE3 game I believe, and it rivals some of the best looking games overall...

[edit : also, just to clarify, that may also be the UE3 (unreal editor 3, not unreal engine 3) that comes with Roboblitz or Gears of War, either way it doesn't make a difference, the editor is toned down for users from the full functionality of the engine that developers would get. Beyond that people who make games (not just mods) can mess with the engine themselves, thereby adding functionality that Epic doesn't sell to you.]
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