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Originally posted by Bigus Dickus

So, I'm not sure what you are claiming. 18 months is too long between new cores (considering NV15 and NV25 to be different enough to be included as new cores) and it's too short between new DX architectures (NV10, NV20, NV30).

It's not too short between new DX architectures. NV actual goal is 18 months between NV10 and NV20 as well as NV20 to NV30.

You don't think i'm right because there was 24 months between NV10 and NV20 - but that's because nVidia got a delay there.

nVidia goal was to have the NV20 out in 2nd Half 2000 and NOT 1st Half 2001.

So now, nVidia is trying to get back on schedule by having the NV30 by 2nd Half 2002 ( 18 months from 1st Half 2001 )

And this time they'll try way harder because else everyone will think their schedule is a 24 month one...

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