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Default ? about multiplier

i'm pretty new at oc'ing. i have spent the last few days of looking at oc guides and i also read the article on andantech on the qx9650. i've encountered a lot of the "change multiplier or fsb" question. i want to start with a mild oc cause i want to keep my cpu for a long all i'm looking for is a 3.3 to 3.4 range for now and go higher later. i also bought a thermalright 120 ultra for my cpu.

if i change the mutiplier to 10 i get 3.3 (default 9)
if i change the fsb up enough i get also a 3.3range. but loose ram speed. (like 373mhz instead of 400)

so i guess my question it damaging if i just change the multiplier to 10 and forget the rest..leave the fsb at 333 and keep my ram speed and ratio. i have ddr 2 800 and and qx9650 at stock for now.

i 3dmarked both and it's basically the same score.

if i go higher to like 3.6 and up can i just use mulitplier or is that dangerous and should i keep multiplier lower and use more fsb. thnx rest of specs in sig.
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