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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Lith1um
My favorite payware aircraft is the Captain Sim C130 Hercules.
I was testing this guy with just one engine and man did it handle nicely. I had the tanks almost empty but I had no problem flying with one engine. It would even climb out just fine after a touch and go. Goes to show how much power this plane has, which makes for lots of fun and some interesting stuff you can do with it. I suppose flying this guy on one engine is like flying on a couple Merlins, which is still a fair bit of power. After feathering the other props it flew almost straight ahead with very little need for the rudder. I was quite impressed.

I guess thats some of the reason you like this plane so much, being its so dynamic like that. For me just playing around with the physics/flight modeling and seeing what different planes can do in extreme situations is part of the fun I have with FSX.

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