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Default Re: ? about multiplier

hey thanks for the responses and advice.........i think i understand now a bit more. i think if i am going to go higher than a 3.3ghz i will raise the fsb and go that way. like it was said above that a mild oc raising the multiplier one is pretty safe but raising the multiplier to 11 or 12 it takes big jumps so i think i will raise fsb and go that route higher when over 3.3ghz.

i never thought of seeing how high i can go stable with just multiplier and then also lowering multiplier and raising fsb and see how high i can go stable and then try to find a sweet spot.......i will do that for sure....i guess I'm a bit nervous raising the fsb to like 400 and adding more stress but i think i will find a happy medium. i play fsx so ill see how 3.3 does for now. i will go higher yet but i think i will look into getting another mobo this fall with ddr3.

mezkal what do you mean by a snappier machine in regards to raising the fsb?. like more frame rates in games or faster load up times or just general system feeling quicker. i guess i read around a bit that raising the fsb doesn't increase performance as much as people thought but i guess for higher clock speeds i will have to for better stability. sry for long post.
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